What is AGS?

AGS is a revolutionary technology consisted of a stainless steel rebound core behind a backpack that absorbs downward impact and creates upward rebound force. Protecting your muscle and spine.

Unmatched Back Protection

Beyond the standard ergonomic design found in conventional backpacks, the AGS Suspension Backpack introduces an innovative utilization of periodic rebound.

This function creates a sustained relaxation space for the body’s muscles and skeleton, serving to provide an unmatched protection to your muscles and spine.

All-Around Protection

Traditional backpacks, closely adhered to the shoulders, subject the user’s body to prolonged pressure. This could potentially lead to muscle strain, hunchback posture, and spinal curvature.

AGS Suspension Backpack creates a space for muscle and joint extension and relaxation, reducing fatigue. It allows you to walk with ease, avoid poor postures, and protect body development.

The Shock-Absorbing Trio

The AGS suspension system, EVA shock-absorbing back pad, and high-density foam straps form a powerful shock absorption function. Even with multiplied load, you can still move with ease.

Global Innovation, International Patent

The AGS Suspension System is the product of rigorous research and development by the professional design team at FX CREATIONS.

After five years of relentless effort, the technology has secured invention patents in China, the United States, Germany, France, Italy, 25 EU member countries, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and is now being marketed globally.

Science-based, Aspiring for Excellence

The AGS Suspension System, scientifically validated by renowned institutions, combines principles of physics, ergonomics, and mechanical engineering to ensure the utmost protection for users.

AGS Schoolbag Introduction

AGS Suspension System Introduction

AGS Pro Suspension System’s backpack

The patented technology of AGS PRO suspension decompression backpack:

All backpacks in the AGS PRO suspension decompression backpack series adopt the patented AGS™Pro decompression system. The principle is to use the stainless steel rebound decompression spring as the core and use the user’s swing when walking to make the spring bounce up and down and use the rebound force to share the weight of the backpack. The AGS PRO suspension decompression backpack can reduce the pressure felt by up to 30%, which greatly reduces the burden on the shoulders and necks of users.

AGS PRO suspended decompression backpack selling points:

In addition to the patented AGS suspension decompression system, the back pad of the backpack is made of light and high-toughness EVA material, which not only has a good cushioning function but also provides higher-strength support. The curved design can better protect the spine, so that the user’s back and spine can be kept straight, reducing the chance of muscle strain or hunchback caused by improper posture.

AGS PRO suspended decompression backpack breathable design:

The pit pattern and mesh design of the shoulder pads of the AGS PRO suspension decompression backpack greatly increase the air permeability of the backpack; and the shoulder straps are made of Tri-Breathe breathable material, which is more breathable and comfortable for the user to carry. The surface material of the backpack has been treated with water repellency, which can fully protect the items in the backpack and prevent them from getting wet. In addition, the AGS PRO floating decompression backpack has a large capacity and storage space. The multi-compartment design and 180-degree zipper opening and closing design can meet and meet the needs of different users. Whether you are on a business trip, work, or travel, you can easily carry it on your back!