#Masked Rider AGS Pro Suspension Backpack (Black RX)

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FX Creations X Masked Rider Crossover Series Black RX

AGS Pro Suspension System Feature: AGS Pro counteracts the loading by its upward bounce motion while the user walks. It helps to partially offsetting heaviness and slows down user’s muscle fatigue.

Product Features:

-EVA back padding to provide a layer of comfort and protection to user's back

-Water repellent materials

-The shoulder straps are made of Tri-Breathe breathable material for extra comfort

-6 intervals in total

-Pull-off cap buckle design

-Movable chest buckle

-Ipad compartment, 15" computer compartment

Size: 29.5W x 49.5H x 17.5Dcm

Weight: 1.13kg