#####The Little Prince Special Edition Stainless Steel Vacuum Pot

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FX Creations x The Little Prince Special Edition Series

Product Feature:

‧Heat and cold function
Insulation performance: 6 hours ≥ 80°C | 12 hours ≥ 62°C | 24 hours ≥ 39°C

‧How to use: In order to achieve the best effect of heat preservation and cold preservation of the braising pot, it is recommended to add hot or cold water for preheating or precooling

‧Do not add dry ice, carbonated beverages and other liquids that are prone to product pressure

‧When the kettle body is tilted, please tighten the lid clockwise to prevent leakage

Size: 11.5W x 15.5H cm, Caliber: 8.4cm

Weight: 0.6kg