#####NZ-666 KSHATRIYA AGS PRO Suspension Backpack

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FX Creations X Gundam UC Crossover Series

The AGS PRO (Anti Gravity System) Feature:

The core component of the AGS™ (Anti Gravity System), which produces elasticity and supports the load with each step of the human body while walking, allowing the user to experience an unprecedented stress-free experience

Product Feature:

‧Elastic Suspension System:

The AGS PRO (Anti Gravity System) uses a stainless steel spring as the rebound core. When the user walks, the high-speed resilience of the shoulder strap causes the heavy object to rebound upwards, which makes the user feel 30% less pressure when using the load.

‧EVA Back Padding

Back padding is made with EVA material which is lightweight, durable and shock absorbing. It provides a layer of comfort and protection to the user’s back.

Size: 31W x 48H cm

Weight: 1.1kg

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