Anti Gravity SystemTM (AGS) is a patented technology developed by FX Creations to help alleviate the stress in carrying heavy loads. Users of AGS technology have felt stress reduction on their muscles and also a feeling of less pressure from weight on the shoulder(s) when carrying a load utilizing AGS (based on a survey conducted on 102 users).

Up to now, FX Creations has incorporated the AGS technology into some of its backpacks, shoulder bags, and totes. A detachable AGS Strap could also be bought separately to compliment other shoulder bags.

Currently AGS is undergoing more research and development to make future bags feel lighter and more comfortable on the human body. 

Our Technology


Ultra bounce is an extra-strength elastic cord used in our AGS backpacks. As the user walks, a bouncing reaction is created by the elastic cord, thus the user doesn't feel the constant load of the bag.

The heavier the load or the faster one walks, the bounce reaction intensifies, making the load feel lighter.

Hip Belt helps stabilize the load around the hip. It is made of patented mesh material Tri-breathTM , which is shock absorbing, highly water proof and durable.

The Hip Belt is also removable giving user much flexibility for different occasions.

The back consists of an "i" support design which connects the bag to the shoulder straps.

It contains a high density polyethylene board at the back to prevent the bag from drooping over from heavy loads, preventing additional load pressure on the back.

Due to the thick cushioning on the bag's back, a ridge is formed in the middle where it helps maintain a pleasant temperature, by allowing ventilation.

The ridge also provides a spot for the user’s spine giving a more comfortable experience.